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Holly Hill Pottery
625 Fork Creek Mill Rd.
Seagrove, N.C. 27341
(336) 873-7300

Richard Gillson is descended from a 400 year old pottery tradition on his mother's side of the family. In her mid-twenties, Richard's mother came to the U.S.A. from England, where her family specialized in the use of porcelains, china paints and lustres. Mrs. Gillson continued to make pottery and taught the ceramic arts in New York.
Richard created his own pottery shop, Holly Hill, in 1973. It is one of the largest studios in Seagrove. Holly Hill produces a large line of handmade candles as well as pottery. For many years, Richard enjoyed a close working relationship with master potter Nell Cole Graves, which continued until her death in 1997. Holly Hill Pots
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