D.K. Clay Pottery

D. K. Clay Pottery

See Our Skilled Potters at Work!

One of the Largest Pottery Studios in North Carolina has been renovated featuring a "glass wall" through which you can view our potters at work!

MONDAY (Closed: 12pm to 1pm)
9am to 12pm and
1pm to 5pm

9am to 5pm

10am to 4pm


1214 Hawkins Avenue
Sanford, North Carolina 27330


2017 NC State Fair POTTERY EXPO!

Be sure to visit our production of The State Fair POTTERY EXPO at the
2017 North Carolina State Fair
from Thursday October 12 through Sunday October 22.
This event features some of the finest potters in North Carolina.
Click the link below to view directions to this event at the N.C. State Fairgrounds:

2017 NC State Fair Directions Page

(THE POTTERY EXPO IS LOCATED IN AREA "20" next to the Field of Dreams!)

2016 NC State Fair POTTERY EXPO


The Potters of the 15-501 Corridor Make a Great Day Trip for Pottery Collectors.

North State Stoneware

North State Stoneware as it appeared on US1

Thousands of pottery lovers became accustomed to buying pottery at North State Stoneware on US 1 in Sanford at its intersection with Highway 78.

Many were stunned when the building was torn down and its rubble carted off in June, 2011.

Now, the rest of the story can be told:
The demise of North State Stoneware is making possible the creation in Sanford of something much bigger and even better for pottery enthusiasts.

Don Hudson, creator of the Sanford Pottery Festival

Don Hudson, creator of
the Sanford Pottery Festival

North State Stoneware was a gallery created by D. K. Clay Pottery, one of the largest pottery studios in North Carolina, to showcase its work and that of other potters.

Since 1997, D. K. Clay has been located in a six thousand square foot brick building filled with state of the art pottery-making equipment and kilns located on Hawkins Avenue close to Historic Downtown Sanford.

Proceeds of the sale of the building and land that housed North State Stoneware are being used to transform this large space into a 1,700 square foot gallery in front with all the activities of a major pottery studio clearly visible through glass walls separating the gallery from the working studio.

“The concept we are developing is to showcase all of the processes used by a large and technically advanced pottery studio to shape clay,” according to Hudson.